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The 70's called!  They wanted their all white kitchen back and we were more than happy to give it back to them.  We were on an extremely tight budget with this kitchen remodel.  Nothing to do but completely gut this kitchen and start over.  The below table height bar of course is useless and greatly reduces the usable counterspace so it's a no-brainer to build that up to all counter height with a minimal bar overhang.  Of course, it almost goes without saying that the ugly dropped ceiling has to go with a quickness.  Fortunately, there was no wiring up there but there were three long flourescents. The budget will not allow for can lights to be installed so we had to come up with something creative.  Also, where the flourescents were, there were holes to patch. Tried Kilz and painted it but it telegraphed through so we are going to add a swirly textural element and then paint that.  The doors to the right house the washer and dryer and there is no dishwasher so we will be doing a lot of rearranging.  No sense in having dirty clothes in your kitchen when there is a small 8 x 11 room at the end of the hallway.  That will free up that space and we plan to add an extra refrigerator and upright deep freezer there with a large trashcan in the center so it will be out of sight.  Freeing up usable space in this kitchen is of the utmost importance since it is a small kitchen.  That little writing desk to the left of the refrigerator has to go so there is some dead space to add another storage area, which this kitchen needs. 


First things first.....we had to get rid of that low bar and counter space and build up the area to increase that kitchen's usuable counter space.  Wow! That made a huge difference. The new kitchen cabinets were $3000 from J & K.  If you know how to lay out a kitchen and install the cabinets, you can really save a bundle.  I went with a cream maple glazed cabinet with all maple interiors which included pull out shelves and pull out trashcan along with tilt out trays under the sink for sponges.  If you compare these same cabinets at Lowe's with a similar finish, you will not find them for under $6000.  I bought all of the cream colored appliances off of Craigslist for $700 which included the stove that has an upper and a lower oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher (which the 70's kitchen did not have!) and an over the stove microwave. All the appliances were the upgraded GE Profile Edition in mint condition which was the deal of the century!  Some might ask why we didn't go with granite.  That answer is simple - the budget.  Therefore, we used the same floor tile and laid it in a modified mosaic pattern then used decorative tile trim for the countertop edges.  Behind the blue-green tie dyed curtains, that area now houses an extra refrigerator and deep freezer with a huge extra trash can in between. No need in this house to have your spare freezer or refrigerator in the garage.  This is so convenient and since the washer and dryer used to be there.  Presto.....we now have two ice makers in the kitchen.  How great is that! To the left of the refrigerator, we made use of that space as well (where the little desk was) which I will discuss in the next kitchen "after" photo below.     



Another shot of a kitchen from "That 70's Show!"  Talk about boring and sterile! Looks like something in a child's coloring book just waiting for crayons to give the picture some kind of life.  Look again at that bar that, for reasons none of us can figure out, is below normal table height, which is several inches below normal counter height! It's unusable counter space in this small kitchen which was a horrible idea.  Of course, that little writing desk is totally useless today and I doubt it had much value back in the 70's.  So there is some dead space we will get creative with, to add some much needed storage.  As readers know, the first thing we did in here was knock that horrible dropped ceiling out.  We have to get creative with lighting and the new ceiling as well.  I really can't imagine that someone enjoyed this space while cooking.  You only had the area to the left and right of the sink and stove while cooking for a "landing space" unless you crossed the kitchen to the opposite side of the room.  My husband guessed that since there was a small cabinet under the left corner of the bar, the builder must have had a left over upper cabinet from another house he had built so that was how the height of that area was decided.  It's good to remember, there is only table, counter and bar height so always build and measure accordingly.  The other disaster here is there are no cabinets underneath that bar, so it's a total waste of couterspace space and loss of functionality. Truly a Design 911 emergency that calls for ripping it all out and starting over.  



Here you can see the two Drexel Heritage bookcases with storage baskets and how much storage space was added removing that useless writing desk.  We finished off the end of the bookcase with a scrap of seagrass wallpaper and added spice racks.  The six woven baskets were stained to match the bookcase for looks and of course, this added six "drawers" to the kitchen. Look how much counter space has been added after getting rid of that low bar.  Great landing for hot food coming out of the oven.  All of the cream colored appliances were found on Craigslist for $700. Behind the two green pictures we plan on freeing up that pantry space soon by having the A/C handler moved into the attic.  This kitchen needs every bit of storage space it can get.  Also, not pictured here, we have added crown molding in here and it looks fantastic.  Love these appliances because they are the upgraded GE Profile series.  Some might ask why we didn't use granite and the answer is simple: budget.  Instead we did a large mosaic pattern and trimmed the edges with decorative tile.

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